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What Mark's Clients Say...

“Mark Speckman is an excellent football coach and an even better human being — one who has much to offer to any group, especially in his motivation and leadership presentations. He joins a limited group coaches/speakers — (Coach John Wooden, Bob Knight, Paul Bucha (Congressional Medal of Honor recipient), among a few others — who, in 43 years of offering coaches' clinics for high school coaches, have received a standing ovation.” —Bob Murrey, Director, USA Coaches Clinics

"I have spent most of my adult life trying to convey to my children the attitude, the gram of mind that would make them not only succeed in life, but excel in their chosen field.  In 90 minutes, Mark Speckman made me laugh, made me cry and in plain English explained to me what I had been trying to explain to myself and my kids for years." - Lieutenant George Wiley, 2009 Training Symposium Coordinator, California Police Chiefs' Association

“Mark provided the best inspirational presentation for our event; the overwhelming positive feedback that we received from many in the audience supported that belief.” —Emil Graziani, Executive Director, Garten Services, Inc.

“We have used Mark Speckman as a keynote speaker to close many of our recognition events/meetings for tellers, lenders and managers, just to name a few. Mark has a universal message for any audience. Mark's sense of humor will keep you intrigued and, when he's done, you'll be inspired to achieve maximum results by reaching one's potential.” —Christina J. Price, Business Development Specialist, Washington Mutual Bank

“I have to tell you that, of all the speakers at Salishan 2006, you were definitely the best! I haven't heard this much good buzz about 'motivation' from a bunch of lawyers ever.” —Sally Anne Curey, Co-Chair, Salishan CLE Committee, on behalf of the Oregon State Bar Workers' Compensation Section

“Your presence added verve, excitement and magic to an event that was important to this community. Your message and charisma were a great match for the event! The buzz about you here is tremendous — you even managed to impress the Sisters who laughed and smiled continuously during your speech!” —Elizabeth Hand, Director of Communications, Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Foundation


Mark has spoken at over 100 football coaching clinics along with numerous motivational talks with business, community and educational organizations throughout the United States. Below is a sampling of Mark's past and current clients.

This is a partial list of clients.


Legal and Medical professionals

Law Enforcement & Public Service



High School Student Bodies

Middle School Student Bodies

Youth Organizations

Athletic Associations

Correctional Facilities

Church Groups

State and Local Governments

Non-Profit Groups